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Re: Some basic ideas for Ubuntu TV.


Den 28. nov. 2011 21:55, skrev Ian Santopietro:
What about taking a cue from existing set-top boxes (i.e. DirectTV)? Don't worry about user accounts at all (From an end-user perspective, and content-wise), and allow access to content below a certain maturity Level.

There are more reasons why I want to have different users. For instance, you should be able to pause whatever it is you're playing, go away, let others use the TV, and when you come back, you just press play.

But using a big screen only for TV is a big waste. I have a netbook, and it's nice for its purposes, but being able to just connect to a big screen and use it without any cables would be a huge gain. It would make all netbooks and laptops more valuable, not only providing a bigger screen, but also more processing power that would otherwise not be used at all.

Jo-Erlend Schinstad

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