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Re: Some basic ideas for Ubuntu TV.


Den 29. nov. 2011 09:48, skrev Ian Santopietro:

I think the ability to use a full hardware keyboard to search is a great idea. However, we shouldn't limit Ubuntu TV to require a physical keyboard, thus it should be an extra. It would be better to focus on the *optimal* experience, which should not require a physical keyboard or notebook computer of any size.

Why are you talking about requiring keyboard and mouse? I explicitly said that you should be able to use a normal TV remote control, that any phone should be usable as either a simple replacement for that remote control, or a connected device with two-way communication. In addition to that, it is obvious to me that we will provide Synergy so that the user can easily use a laptop as a keyboard and mouse. It is really small in size, so why shouldn't it be installed by default to make this very easy for users?

Will Ubuntu TV use Compiz? I think that would be beneficial. So, how much more space does the Unity plugin consume, 200KB or something? That's not exactly heavy bloat. So my suggestion has been that we have one TV view, which will be Unity with an optimized layout. I think Alan Bells ideas work nicely. The other view is standard Unity with abilities to run normal Ubuntu apps.

I mean, if we remove LibreOffice, then we'll have a couple of megabytes for Synergy and whatever space the desktop Unity plugin requires.

Jo-Erlend Schinstad

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