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Ubuntu Hour on Friday is uncertain


I received a Twitter message[1] from Charles this morning:

> chaslinux: @BobJonkman coming down with cold, not sure about Ubuntu 
> Hour this Friday. Day by day at this point.

I replied:

> BobJonkman: Should we postpone, or can someone else organize?
> http://t.co/gUjDAPnm ♻ @chaslinux: coming down /w cold, not sure abt
> #Ubuntu_Hour Friday

And Darcy chimed in:

> flying_squirrel: @BobJonkman @chaslinux I'm a little swamped, what 
> with @kwartzlab and stuff. Shame, though… I was planning on dropping 
> off DVDs.

> chaslinux: @BobJonkman not sure Bob, will see how I feel tomorrow 
> morning.

> chaslinux: @flying_squirrel seeing how I feel tomorrow for Ubuntu 
> Hour Friday. I usually kick colds quick.

This Ubuntu Hour Kitchener[2] was scheduled to be Friday, 7 Dec, 7:00pm
at the Egg Roll King restaurant.

So, who can jump up to the plate to host Ubuntu Hour Kitchener this Friday?


[1] https://twitter.com/chaslinux/status/276388310753091584

[2] http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/ubuntu-ca/2088/detail/


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