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Re: Identifying Computers


Hello Rodney,

Rodney Dawes schrieb am Dienstag, den 30.06.2009 um 16:18:
> Hi Peter,
> So the problem here I suppose, is that your browser gets launched, and
> you click the "accept" button in the window, and it then fails to
> connect to afterward. Is that correct?

No.  A webbrowser was already running on my desktop.  But --as I already
explained below-- it was running as another user account.  It was launched 
using ``ssh surferrole@localhost``, where surferrole is the fictive name of
this other user account created only to run the web browser firefox in 
a somewhat more restricted environment.

Because of this I've the following values in my GConf configuration:
/desktop/gnome/url-handlers/http/command and
/desktop/gnome/url-handlers/https/command ==
   ssh surferrole@localhost firefox -new-tab "'%s'"

> To provide a smoother user experience, we use the "callback" feature of
> OAuth, and start a very tiny local web server instance on a random port,
> which we tell the authentication site to call back to when finished.
> This allows us to immediately get the access token and add it to the
> keyring, without requiring extra intervention from the user. 

I think this didn't work in my setup, because this tiny local web server
was never started for some reason.   The ubuntuone-client-applet was giving
up before (after 30 seconds to be precise).

> As soon as
> our tiny web server gets redirect to, we redirect the browser back to
> the https://ubuntuone.com/ site and shut down the local server instance,
> to avoid keeping a server open and running on localhost.
> If you're running a browser on a remote machine, this will break that
> functionality, as "localhost" won't actually be your local host.

I understand.  But this was not the scenario here on my computer.
> On Tue, 2009-06-30 at 17:23 +0200, Peter Funk wrote:
> > So I've created a new user account on my computer 
> > solely for the purpose of running firefox in this account
> > and so with restricted rights (less group memberships, no access
> > to my private data).  Instead of starting firefox directly
> > I've a menu entry running the command
> > 	ssh -X surferrole@localhost firefox
> > to launch my web browser.  In the menu preferences->preferred applications
> > (I hope it called so in english, because I run Gnome in
> > German I translated this back) I've configured the following
> > command as my preferred web browser command:
> >         ssh surferrole@localhost firefox -new-tab "'%s'"
> > 
> > For some reason the ubuntuone-client-applet was unable
> > to deal with this somewhat special situation.  
> > 
> > I finally found its logfile which was somewhat hidden in a subdirectory
> > as $HOME/.cache/ubuntuone/log/oauth-login.log and pasted the URL
> > from this logfile manually in new firefox browser window running on
> > my own account.  That ugly workaround made it possible to continue
> > a little bit.  But the "Go to Web" menu entry from the applet 
> > still doesn't work as I would have expected:  It open a new tab in
> > my firefox running as user "surferrole" instead of my account.
> > But that's it.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen,
Peter Funk
Gruß, Peter
Regards, Peter
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