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Re: How about developing a spec for all DE's and implement a common low-level API...


> I see what you mean Scott, but by consistency I simply meant same messages
> in the fashion that DE's user is used to seeing them in.  Whether KDE or
> Gnome, the messages that are passed should be the same context, displayed
> according to that DE's notifications standard.  Thanks for clarification
> on
> the indicator, I want to be involved in this from design perspective and
> do
> not understand all the workings of systray or knotify (not yet that is).

I'm a distro developer for Kubuntu and not an upstream KDE developer, so I
mostly just package this stuff, not write it.  I'm interested to see if
now that Ayatana is expanding it's interests to include KDE they are
likely to have something for Karmic that is of interest to the Kubuntu
development community.

Scott K