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Re: Notifications are annoying when typing in the upper right corner of a window


Celeste Lyn Paul wrote:
> On Tuesday 02 June 2009 10:28:04 am Aurélien Gâteau wrote:
>> David Barth wrote:
>>> I'm also very interested in Celeste's suggestion of having a monitor,
>>> similar to what kwin does, to delay the display of notifications.
>>> Aurélien: could you take a look at this last one?
>> kdelibs provides an API to interact with the window manager. This makes
>> it easy to loop through all toplevel windows and check if any of them is
>> a popup or combobox.I guess libwnck can do the same on the GNOME side.
>> This is all done through NETWM, so it can probably be done for all NETWM
>> compliant window managers.
> You should ping the kwin guys. They told me about a function you can call 
> which will tell you this kind of useful information, but me in my infinite 
> developerlessness can't remember :)

That's what I did in fact :). The function you are thinking about is
probably the one which is used by kwin effects to decide whether they
should for example show drop shadows below comboboxes. These effects
uses kwin API and are run by the kwin process. This is a bit different
in our case because we are outside the kwin process. Still, it would use
the same information kwin uses.