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Re: [Bug 372789] Re: NotifyOSD notifications shouldn't appear when using fullscreen applications


I'd like to draw the Ayatana group's attention to bug #372789, a
question about the interaction between fullscreen apps on multiple
monitors and notifications.

At the moment, our guidance to the developers is that fullscreen apps
should block non-critical notifications. Aurelien has implemented that
in a branch, but there is a question about the case where one is running
with several monitors. notify-osd picks a "primary" display (I think it
is where you are displaying your main panel?) and, if there is a
fullscreen window there, it chokes non-critical notifications. The
question is whether it should potentially just redirect notifications to
the nearest (defined how?) monitor that does NOT have a fullscreen app open.


Comments on the bug, I think, subscribe there if you are interested.


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