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Re: "Power information" notifications


Charlie Kravetz wrote:
>> Hey people,
>> I attached an updated script to this email, but dailymotion doesn't
>> seem to be like uploading vids today, so I had to use YouTube instead.
>> YouTube link here : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fkdaiXXcv8w
>> Cordially, SD.
> hmmm, How do I say this nicely. I am old now. I find the notifications
> flashing through faster than my eyes can read them. Unless I am looking
> specifically for the notice to pop up, I miss it. Surely we are not
> going to put out a message that says "you are too old for Ubuntu.
> Please use a different distro if you want to know what is happening to
> your system."?
> I have found that unless you can keep the notice sitting still and wait
> for me to see it, I do not get to read most of them. 

For 9.10, we will be tuning the timings, based on message length and
other factors. Mirco will take note of this comment, and be sensitive to
requests for slightly longer timing. Personally, I think we do want
slightly longer timing.


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