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Re: Unity sidebar improvement.


On 01/25/2012 09:21 PM, joy chalissery wrote:
Unity now has only a sidebar to the left and a bar above.
I ask why not provide with with bars on all sides with a self hiding feature it would be great. you could also provide page zoom slider on the side so that u dont need to use keyboard shortcuts.

Firstly - Ubuntu uses a more minimalistic approach and having a bar everywhere doesn't appeal to that . I don't see why you would want them . Secondly nobody uses zoom that often (as to have one at all times) .

Also with a bunch of customising features which would help browsing,video and audio a better experience.It could replace the audio features currently being in the tab that you get after clicking the volume adjustment button.

Do tell more :)

This could also eliminate the immediate need of docking apps.While you can use separate apps to make a more fancied desktop if you want.
Didn't really get that part :?
I far as a normal ubuntu user is concerned not many go around for a fancier dock they did better stick to basics.
So a elegant,simple all side bars are the answer.
If they have a autohide feature which would unhide after few deliberate seconds/click would be an added bonus.

Any views?

-- joy