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Re: HUD design ideas


On Wed, Jan 25, 2012 at 3:17 PM, Marco Kirchberger
<marco@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi,
> yes I absolutely agree with you that is for 12.04 to radical but in
> generally with HUD you have the possibility.
> I think it is important that the users have both possibilities. HUD command
> search and traditional menu (only a other view).
> I created a small picture how I imagine this.
> http://ubuntuone.com/51SemFRa4xFWiWEuwRzx9W
> Sorry for the bad quality but I'm no gimp genius.
> regards,
> BlueCase
> Am 25.01.2012 16:37, schrieb Jo-Erlend Schinstad:
> Den 25. jan. 2012 16:03, skrev Marco Kirchberger:
> 1. Remove the whole menu from the Top Bar and replace it with a button.
> That would be way too radical for 12.04. That won't happen, or at least I
> hope so. The last thing we need now, is large and sudden changes. What we
> need now, is for new options to be added, for people to try it out, talk
> about them and then we see what works. Only when we know that things work in
> real life, should it be used by default and things should not be removed at
> the same time as something new is added, unless it is absolutely necessary
> because of a conflict. And in those cases, it shouldn't be done in a hurry.
> In fact, though I love the HUD as an idea, I'm not sure I'd recommend that
> it be used by default in 12.04. 2-3 months isn't that much time to test a
> radical new idea, and pushing poorly tested, highly visible things in an LTS
> is a gamble.
> I like your ideas, and I think it would be better to wait until 12.10 to add
> it by default. By then it should be well tested and it could have a more
> complete feature set. Of course, the decision is not mine, but that's how I
> feel about it. :)
> Jo-Erlend Schinstad
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I agree with Marco's point about displaying the application's normal
menu structure upon opening HUD. It seems to me this would solve the
discoverability problem that everyone is worried about.

When the HUD first appears, menu items could be displayed beneath the
search box:


When one of these top-level menu items is clicked, all top-level menu
items could become tabs, with second-level menu items underneath:

*File*   Edit   Tools   Window   Help
Save as

Perhaps breadcrumbs could be used to indicate hierarchy:

Menu > Tools
*Preferences*   Menu 2   Menu 3
Pref 1
Pref 2
Pref 3

When search results are displayed, menu items in the hierarchy could
be clickable:

Tools > Preferences > Pref 1
Tools > Preferences > Pref 2
Tools > Preferences > Pref 3

(Clicking the word "Tools" or "Preferences" in the above results would
send you to the hierarchy view above.)

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