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Re: [Ayatana] Unity Interface in Ubuntu 12.04


I know you can just use the nautilus launcher with the exact same results.
It's just that it's a shame that we have something as powerfull as Lens and
we don't have launcher shortcuts to use Lens... Unity uses Lens to "find"
files, folders, apps, etc... so in my humble opinion (it's worth what it's
worth) it makes more sense to have a Launcher to Files Lens (with the same
quicklist as Nautilus). It's the exact same thing, the only thing that
changes is the way the launcher behaves when left clicking, opening File
Lens instead of Nautilus... Unity uses Lens for a reason, it's better at
finding files than Nautilus, nautilus is only better at browsing folders
(IMHO)... What matters is that i can get to my files in an easier/faster
way, not that i can reach my folders in an easier way, unless i want to
create a new file, paste, copy, or cut something into a folder, but when
that is the case, the quicklist would take me to my folders... Again i know
you can already use the nautilus launcher to access folders, that's not
really the issue, it's that a File Lens in the launcher would make more
sense, considering the way unity is suposed to work.