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Re: No more dodge windows in Unity?


On 08/02/12 12:17, C. Cooke wrote:
Damn, that makes me sad. I really like the dodge windows feature, but I can see the confusion it could bring.

Me too. Loved the idea, approved it, and it subtly sucked in practice. Ain't design a bitch :)

This just makes me feel it's absolutely essential to have some sort of
introduction app run automatically after installation or dist-upgrade.
Telling users they can hide the bar would be much better (for users
with a small screen) than making them have to search in likely
unfamiliar menus.

Thing is, our attention is focused on this one issue now, so it makes sense to highlight it in a tour like that. But think of all the million other little details we could highlight. If we did such a tour, we'd either have to be super-disciplined (and this detail would miss the cut), or expect it to be drawn out and dull.

Better to focus our attention on how to let the user discover this naturally, at the time it's most relevant.

I suggested to John that we put a 'Settings...' entry in the Dash quicklist. We debated it, and he convinced me that it would be more useful to put an entry that lets users find more scopes / lenses, since most of that quick list is links to lenses.

I'm starting to think we should collapse the tabs in the Appearance control panel, and just have these new options below the wallpaper, rather than in a separate tab.


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