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Good bye Ayatana, welcome to Unity



You may have noticed that the Ayatana mailing lists have been migrated recently and been renamed with a new set of unity-* names. The former ayatana list is now: unity-design. And ayatana-dev has been renamed into unity-dev.

The goal for this change is to reflect and clarify the importance of Unity which has now taken a central role in our project.

Initially Ayatana had been created as an umbrella project to improve the user experience of software in, and for, Ubuntu. The project was directed at the "perception and presentation of information on the desktop".

This definition has served us well to explore the domain and identify where best to focus our energy. And we've found that Unity should really be our focus. Via the Unity Shell we can continue to improve the general user experience of Ubuntu, and do so in a consistent way.

So welcome back to your lists: we're glad to work there together with you, contributing to the design and the development of the Unity project.

David, for the Unity Team

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