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Re: On left-clicking the launcher with multiple instances running


Am 02/13/2012 04:42 PM, schrieb Omar B.:
> I agree on those plans, but the are also a few other issues.
> 1) spread/scale needs quite some improvements, as it hasn't seen any
> at all since its introduction.
> 2) another problem is constantly invoking the spread to find and
> select between windows multiple times.
> the above for the spread, if implemented would help, but another
> solution would also be to "list the windows on hover".

1) Gnome Shell has these improvements. (Some via extension)

2) Windows list on hover would also enable features like drag'n'drop,
which got lost and forgotten with the Gnome 2 Tasklist.
Currently you have to arrange the windows side-by-side if you want to
dnd a file from a nautilus window to another.