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Re: Fwd: About tiling window management in Unity


On Sun, Feb 26, 2012 at 15:50, Philipp Gassmann <phiphi@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Am 02/26/2012 02:21 PM, schrieb Mark Shuttleworth:
> > On 26/02/12 11:50, Gabriel Pettier wrote:
> >> I think beeing able to put 4 windows side by side would be great (or
> >> two with ¼/¾ widths), vertical spliting is less used but a top/bottom
> >> split is sometime useful. Too much would makes it hard to use, so i
> >> think a 4×2 grid would be nice.
> >
> > Quartering would be a 2x2 grid, not 4x2.
> >
> The compiz plugin that is currently still active but in part disabled
> allows finer tiling by repeatedly pressing Ctrl+Alt+[Numpad-Key] e.g.
> [9] for upper right corner.
> So you could tile up to 6 windows with flexible width.
> The middle row doesn't work currently, which would be vertically
> maximised windows (5 being maximising or narrow centered)

Are you sure this is correct?
Repeatedly pressing e.g. [CTRL] [ALT] [NUM4] e.g. kept resizing the window
within a pseudo maximized-to-left-edge state.
There was no keyboard-only way of tiling another slice next to it. Same
goes for vertical stacking. So this means with the keyboard-only interface
there was no way of tiling more than 4 windows at a time, except when
resizing them in a way that would enable one single [CTRL] [ALT] [NUM5]
narrow-resized window tiled to the screen center, which would occupy the
entire vertical space from touching the panel on the top edge down to the
bottom of the screen.

I don't recall at any time having had the possiblity of neatly tiling 6
windows onto the screen in a keyboard-only way.

"Flexible width" is one way of saying it. It would have been a thousand
times easier to simply resize windows manually within a sensible grid - the
mouse way..

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