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some icons at low resolution


Hi to all. I have noticed that some icons are at very low resolution.
I refer to these cases:

a) skype icon in the dash: it really seams a very small icon, at low
resolution, which was zoomed in many times.
b) libreoffice-pack icons (write, calc, impress) in this situation: I
usually reduce the size of the icons on the launcher from 48 to 36
pixels. It happens that libreoffice icons appear in very low
resolution. This doesn't happen to all the other icons, such as U1,
Ubuntu Software Center, the Home Folder...

I think that this happens because skype and libreoffice aren't native
of the Gnome Environment. Did you think about a solution?
 It is only a visual matter, but appearance is now very important,
when talking about DEs.


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