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Re: Tweaking ubuntu interface just a little bit


On 28. feb. 2012 15:38, nick rundy wrote:
>>>2) Not able to jump strata to the app or document you are working on

If you want to switch between applications, use the ALT+GRAVE (Alt+`) keyboard shortcut. This cycles between windows of the same application. It is one of the AWESOMEST shortcuts ever invented.

It's really nice. But you shouldn't refer to it as ALT+GRAVE, since that depends on your keyboard layout. For instance, on Norwegain keyboards, it's marked with § and |. It's still the same button that's used.

What I do, is always refer to it as "Alt+BAT (Button Above Tab)". BAT is TAB in reverse, which makes it even easier to remember. Íf everybody does it, then together we can change the world! Or, maybe at least create a new expression. :)

Jo-Erlend Schinstad