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Are there plans to add "Reboot" item to the power-cog menu in panel?


> "Printers" is also a shortcut to a panel in the system settings.

Have you clicked this item? For me it launches a separate application
dealing with the printing queue. No, it does not launch the control panel
itself (yet).

>  clicking "Displays" also launches software to utilize displays.

Displays is about settings and management. Printers and webcams are
actionable items. You DO something with those. You don't DO something with
displays, just settings.

Displays, Printers, and Webcams are all "Attached Devices". So I don't see
> how the current demarcation makes any sense.

Technically, yes. But for a desktop, one of those items are integral, the
others optional. Hence, they deserve a distinction.

> "System Settings" denotes the System as a whole. Hence, it seems logical
> to me to also provide the info: Is the system up to date?

Fair enough.