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Re: open with option in dash


sounds like my idea to create a action dialogue...

Am 24.04.2012 17:46, schrieb supernova:
> Hi to all, I'm using the dash so frequently that it is becoming quite
> unnatural for me to open nautilus.
>  Anyway, sometimes it happens that I need to choose the program that
> opens my file: it is the case of pictures (viewing or editing with the
> gimp) and docs (libreoffice or wine+msoffice).
>  So I was wandering if it could be possible to choose the application
> that opens a file in the dash.
> Maybe a couple of lenses that appear/disappear beside the icon of file
> when mouse cursor goes on it? they could bring the names of preferred
> apps, i.e. Libreoffice - Wine...and so on.
> What do you think?
> Supernova

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