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Re: HUD start proposal (joining: Alt (tap) + Alt (Press)


Hi Thorsten,

Hi understand. This proposal could be problematic right now.
But don't discard this concept for the future. It could be useful.

For now, I also agree with the superiority of hierarchical menus (HM's). But I see a huge potential for HUD (or its successor). That was the basis of the proposal: joining the good elements of both worlds: HUD (search) & HM's (tree view) in one. Exactly because HUD uses, as data source, the HM's structure of a given Application, it could be quite easy to show the hierarchy of the main menu (e.g.: inside HUD, File menu would show up as a normal HUD search, when pressing Alt+F).

This is in practical terms: enlarging the HUD "search" potential, by adding to it the "show" HM's capability.
It possibly needs some additional brainstorming ...

Thanks anyway for the feedback (= to the constructive responses of this Community).
I'll be back with new ideas (lack of time does not allow me more).
Carlos Palma

On 05/06/2012 01:05 PM, Thorsten Wilms wrote:
On 05/05/2012 10:00 PM, cpOno wrote:
Entry. The user will not switch here... HUD behaviour.
In the future the hierarchical will disappear right ?

That doesn't seem to be clear, at the moment.

The hierarchical menu is superior to the HUD for getting an overview of available commands. It can be useful, even if a user can't think of an appropriate term to look for.

Aside of that, the menu structure is still the data source for the HUD. Applications may have commands that do not make sense outside of the hierarchy. For example, Inkspace has "Set" and "Release" 2 times, in "Object"->"Clip" and "Object"->"Mask".