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Re: Minor dash annoyance (change proposal)


There was a discussion about this some time ago . Now , because I'm really annoyed by the current arrangement I gave it some thought , and I came to the conclusion that - yes , it's not that easily fixable because of the need to navigate the entry as well as the icons in the dash . So here's my proposal (and please bare with me , every step of it is IMHO better or equal to the current arrangement) :
1. Make the Title labels ("Applications" etc. ) not selectable .
2. Change the "See more results >" to "Press tab or click here to see more results >" (I know that's not the best caption but I bet somebody can come up with a better one)
3.Apply the described behaviour (expand/deflate results on tab key )

Bottom line : the for ex. "Applications See more results>" changes text as described , and becomes not selectable + clickable (as now). That gives both good keyboard and mouse navigation . I know it's not a perfect solution , but as I said I think it's better than the current arrangement.

Opinions ?


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