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Re: Minor dash annoyance (change proposal)


Agreed. As I've said before, it seems (as Arthur Tan pointed out) that the
main reason the "see more result" button is at the top, is for the use case
where upon some search entry, what you are looking for isn't amongst the
first row of results and so, to complete your entry, you'd wish to expand
those results. I have tested this use-case many times and came to the
following conclusion: when you scan, you actually navigate through the
result so at the end, either your mouse cursor would happen to be over the
result you're looking for or you would have used the arrows to reach it and
so, simply pressing enter will then lead you to your objective. I also
tried to restrain myself to only visually scan the results and textually
modify the entry to match what I was looking for and in  many cases, it
proved to be a pain compared to simply navigating through the results. (For
example: when searching for the query "soft", I get: "software sources",
"software updater" and so on ... now to get to "software updater", I need
to look at those results, check how I should modify my query, type:
"software s", and then I get what I'm looking for. Painful). So in the end,
I think I'll maintain my point that at the very least, see more result
should not get in the way when switching from the text entry to the
results. I do like your suggestion to toggle the more results using "tab",
but as I'm a very "shortcut" oriented person, perhaps I'm a little biased
about this. (Btw, I know that tab is actually used to switch between
results categories but with your solution, you'd only need to press the
down arrow once to switch).

On Fri, Nov 16, 2012 at 12:22 PM, Petko <pditchev@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> There was a discussion about this some time ago . Now , because I'm really
> annoyed by the current arrangement I gave it some thought , and I came to
> the conclusion that - yes , it's not that easily fixable because of the
> need to navigate the entry as well as the icons in the dash .
>  So here's my proposal (and please bare with me , every step of it is IMHO
> better or equal to the current arrangement) :
> 1. Make the Title labels ("Applications" etc. ) not selectable .
> 2. Change the "See more results >" to "Press tab or click here to see more
> results >" (I know that's not the best caption but I bet somebody can come
> up with a better one)
> 3.Apply the described behaviour (expand/deflate results on tab key )
> Bottom line : the for ex. "Applications See more results>" changes text as
> described , and becomes not selectable + clickable (as now). That gives
> both good keyboard and mouse navigation . I know it's not a perfect
> solution , but as I said I think it's better than the current arrangement.
> Opinions ?
> Petko
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