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Re: multiple "apps" lenses


On 12/05/2012 01:24 PM, Alan Bell wrote:
On 05/12/12 10:26, Petko wrote:
I want to throw in my idea about integrating the old GNOME2-like (apparently I don't know exactly how it's called) menu . At the moment there's a related discussion about the dash , so I thought it's the right time to post the thread.

TL;DR : right click on the dash button opens a categories menu (app categories) (instead of the current lense list menu) ,and each item can collapse a second menu with its applications (=>same thing as the GNOME2 menu,but in the current style) .

like this then http://people.ubuntu.com/~alanbell/appmenulens.png

It is easy to do a custom apps lens that uses categories as categories. You could arrange the applications in an assortment of different and interesting ways, however you would run into problems if multiple apps lenses tried to populate the home lens when they saw a global search change event happening. If the privacy flag was to be changed to a means of selecting which lenses can see global search events then it would be fine to install multiple apps lenses and choose which one gets to present results to the home lens.


While that may be useful ,I meant an entirely different thing : not a different applications lens arrangement ,but right-clicking on the *dash button* gives an action menu listing the categories. For example: the current action menu for the dash icon lists the lenses : "Dash Home","Applications","Files&Folders"... , while the idea is for it to list application categories like the Applications menu on GNOME2 would list them : "Accessories","Education","Extras","Games",... Here's a sketch: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/42681910/integrated_gnome2_like_menu.png