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Petko wrote on 05/12/12 10:26:
> ...
> Not related : Something I just need to state ,as your common new 
> contributor (bugs ,mails, ideas , soon an app) - the discussion
> system feels so useless . I just want to type it with big letters
> or ,idk, something that emphasises this statement . I've been
> following a few of the mailing lists for about 10 months now , made
> threads , part took in threads , made brainstorm entries , a
> blueprint ,submitted bugs , suggested design solutions ... and so
> on , but the effect so far is very close to zero . The feedback
> I've received is .. let's say ok , but still the whole system feels
> so non-functional . The mailing lists from what I've understood
> (probably wrong as I come to think of it) should be one of the (of
> not The) main places where the magic happens .

You're right, this is hard. I think there are three things going on.

First, there are too many design forums to keep track of. Bugs,
Blueprints, Brainstorm, design.canonical.com, mailing list ...
information overflow!

Second, a mailing list is a terrible forum for design discussion. It's
slow, text-only, and append-only. For example, you can't easily
compile a table of proposed designs and the pros and cons of each.

Third, many Canonical designers come from companies where they have
dealt only with colleagues, not with contributors outside the company.
They're really smart people, but it's hard to learn new habits.

However, we have just started work on a project to improve this
situation -- to communicate more, and to help other designers make a
real difference to Ubuntu. We'll talk more about this next week.

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