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Re: Move development to Github


I am glad we share the same feelings for Bazaar. My username in Github
is marcogiusti.

For the records Mercurial supports the same format as git fast import,
but as long as I know, Github supports git only.

Can we import the bug reports too? Do you any suggestion how to do the

On 03/12/17 10:16, Daniele Lacamera wrote:
> Other thing: when moving vde and co., I was able to migrate from svn in
> a clean way, so that the commit history is not lost. Can we do the same
> with mercurial? Marco, could you look into this?
> On 12/03/2017 10:14 AM, Daniele Lacamera wrote:
>> Yes please.
>> I regret using launchpad in the first place. I even can't remember why.
>> I have one request though: there is already a team for virtualsquare on
>> github, so why don't you go ahead and upload it there?
>> https://github.com/virtualsquare/
>> Please share your usernames so I can add you to the team.
>> vde-netemu is already there.
>> Thanks,

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