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Re: [Wintermute-devel] (VERY) Rough mockup of Wintermute's Interface.


Phill; I think Jacky means the avatar.png, not the images he provided :P

2011/9/2 Phill Whiteside <phillw@xxxxxxxxxx>

> Hi,
> Imagemagick cannot convert either. I'm going to have a 'play' with
> deliniate which states that is can. If successful, I'll convert the three of
> them and forward them.
> Regards,
> Phill.
> 2011/9/2 danteashton@xxxxxxxxx <danteashton@xxxxxxxxx>
>> Jacky; I'm afraid I don't have an SVG of it as no matter what I try;
>> Inkscape keeps giving me white backgrounds with it :-/ All I have is a
>> fairly large .png . Unless you or someone else can deal with Inkscape (or
>> another such program) then we're stuck with the png :-/
>> In terms of the GUI; I feel the first screen is needed; a computer is a
>> computer. A computer can malfunction. A computer requires repairs; hiding
>> such information is, IMHO, a bad idea. That isn't the starting screen,
>> that's just the system saying "We have a problem; have a look!"
>> Or would you rather Wintermute says "I don't feel well." then won't turn
>> on again? :P
>> I have also been considering a few other aspects; animated backgrounds.
>> (Diagnostic mode hexagon: construction branding between hexagons, etc) which
>> could give credence to Wintermute's  state (helping to generate rapport
>> between the user and Winty, especially if we emulate emotion.)
>> As for the questionnaire; I don't think it requires much more then a
>> properly written AIML bot. (though with our own runtime for AIML, so it can
>> parse commands) so that would be very light on resources (and pack it in
>> with speech synth and basic speech recog for setup/testing purposes)
>> In terms of how to render this system; that is a bit of a mystery. I don't
>> exactly want to end up with a system which requires a high-end graphics card
>> just to run things; perhaps we could cheat with pre-rendered videos?
>> -Dante
>> 2011/9/2 Jacky Alcine <jacky.alcine@xxxxxxxxxx>
>>> I agree with Jose, the last two are not only perfect; I can see those
>>> being implemented quite easily. The question is OpenGL, native X11 or SDL?
>>> :D
>>> And yes, we might need a lengthy questionnaire for the OEM installation
>>> of Wintermute (even if it's as a program, the current build makes
>>> the attachment so far). The GUI right now is very scratchy, but keep
>>> pumping.
>>> Dante, I'll need that image of that avatar in SVG, if possible. I'll try
>>> to see if I can use my animation skills from class to play with it. Since
>>> it'll be in SVG, it should be tweakable as well (SVGs can have embedded
>>> content like OWL data).
>>> 2011/9/1 José Luis Ricón Fernández de la Puente <artirj@xxxxxxxxx>
>>>> My thoughts:
>>>> Last two pictures are perfect. First one, is IMHO, a mess. What are we
>>>> showing to the user there?
>>>> 1. Disc usage
>>>> 2. RAM status (maybe other hardware too)
>>>> 3. Net status
>>>> 4. Cloud status
>>>> 5. System status
>>>> 6. WM status
>>>> 7. Button to go diagnose.
>>>> The user. Think about the user. The user cares about apps and what he
>>>> can do with them. WM will manage apps, after all. Instead, imagina a
>>>> standard (K)Ubuntu, with all that data places in the form of
>>>> indicators in the panel, giving maximum visibility to the content the
>>>> user really wants. If something really needs the user's attention,
>>>> then WM can raise a more visible alert.
>>>> 2011/9/1 SII <dante.ashton@xxxxxxxxxx>:
>>>> > I've just finished three rough (and I mean, VERY rough, sorry about
>>>> that;
>>>> > only had half an hour to do them) mockups of Wintermute's interface.
>>>> > You'll find them here.
>>>> >
>>>> http://www.thesii.org/wiki/Natural_Language_Interface#Draft_Design_of_NLI
>>>> --
>>>> José Luis Ricón
>>> --
>>> Jacky Alcine
>>> Blog <http://jackyalcine.co.cc/> | Launchpad<https://launchpad.net/~jackyalcine>
>> --
>> -Danté Ashton
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-Danté Ashton

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