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Re: current status? roadmap? how can i help?


On 11/28/10 22:29, Martin Owens wrote:
On Sun, 2010-11-28 at 20:16 -0500, Kyōken wrote:
   o Are there features of the wizardpen tablets that are not handled
      by the vanilla evdev input handling?

Pressure, buttons, tilt and other data is not available through the
standard input interface, these have to come from the extra xorg driver.

Ah-ha --- I saw ABS_PRESSURE in the evdev source without looking close
enough and jumped to the wrong conclusion.

   o Will the wacom driver(s) developers/maintainers know/care that
      kernel driver is going to use their protocol (and thus have a
      on it)?

The code is looking like it's a part of the wacom driver, so they should
know about it since they accepted the code.

Do you have a pointer to where this code is?  e.g. is it in a mainline
kernel already, or in some git repository somewhere?  (I must be looking
in all the wrong places, or, probably, I don't know what I'm looking for.)

This kernel driver is where future efforts should be directed, no?


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