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Re: Feature requests


On 02/22/2013 11:51 AM, Martin Owens wrote:
Dear Bishmer,

Thanks for confirming that the driver is working in Ubuntu 12.04, you
say you compiled it yourself. Could I get you to install the version in
the PPA instead and let me know if it's still working?

Improving the driver and maintenance is dependent on either the original
manufacturers investing in drivers or programmers who have access to the
hardware being motivated to improve and fix issues.

I don't have any wizardpen tablets, this is why I find it hard to test.
This also makes it impossible to add new features too. :-( We're on a
continuing mission to seek out programmers and find out if they have
wizardpen tablets :-D

Best Regards, Martin Owens

Dear Martin,

Once I get home later today, I certainly will try the PPA.

My programming experience mostly involved creating a.outs and almost laughably trivial shell scripts in college CS, but I do know how to write makefiles and such. I've never hacked a device driver before, though. Is there a reference you could supply me so I could start learning? This sounds like a fun thing to bash at in my spare time.

Also, has anyone bothered to write to Genius/KYE systems? I'm wondering if they'd be amenable to helping out at all.


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