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Re: Feature requests


Dear Bishmer,

It's actually easier than most people realise. The difficulty is knowing
how to get information about what's going wrong. Once you have that, you
can change things randomly until it works ;-)

Makefiles you won't have to touch, just use what's already there. Change
what's already there and dig around on the internet and other drivers
for ideas. The wacom driver is pretty complete and has all the features



Regards, Martin Owens

On Fri, 2013-02-22 at 12:15 +0800, Bishmer J. Sekaran wrote:
> My programming experience mostly involved creating a.outs and almost 
> laughably trivial shell scripts in college CS, but I do know how to 
> write makefiles and such. I've never hacked a device driver before, 
> though. Is there a reference you could supply me so I could start 
> learning? This sounds like a fun thing to bash at in my spare time.
> Also, has anyone bothered to write to Genius/KYE systems? I'm
> wondering 
> if they'd be amenable to helping out at all.

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