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Re: Potential Blocks and Potential Particles - Documentation


Is there any practical preference between .rst or latex files?

In my opinion :

- .rst files, and being somehow part of the doc, as we see it on https://yade-dem.org/doc, is much more visible and much easier to maintain (by different people, in particular) : it's under git version control for instance...

On the other hand, the doc would not survive if it were inflated by new additions of sections each time someone proposes new stuff (which is otherwise obviously good)..

- .tex files and Yade Technical archives make it much more one person-specific (for maintenance purposes). In my view, it's like a publication : almost frozen for all time.

As a matter of fact we do not have any .tex files under version control (at the moment), and, in the way as I see things, it does not work for maintenance purposes to have something too deeply related with someone : people end up working at different institutions, or on a different subject, and they logically end up at some point not being able to maintain what they proposed earlier..

As you see, this will not tremendously help you to make a choice, but I wanted to take the opportunity to express some general opinions on the subject. Others are welcome..


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On 21/01/2019 21:31, Vasileios Angelidakis (PGR) wrote:


Regarding the writing of a documentation for the "Potential Particles" and the "Potential Blocks" codes, I am happy to help on a more consistent basis, as I currently use them. Is there any practical preference between .rst or latex files?

Chia, I can transcribe your introductory word file and add some "command-to-command" comments.

All the best,

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Hi Boon,

awesome! I'm not sure if I need to reply to your address, or only to
yade-dev, so to be safe I reply to both now.

I did follow your instructions exactly and now all four examples did
start and run. But unfortunately they appeared to work incorrectly :(

Here's the list of problems I encountered:


The scene is empty until I click Display->intrAllWire

I am not sure maybe the calculation is going on correctly, but since
the shape is not drawn it is very hard to tell.

Also the terminal is spammed with messages like KnKsPBLaw.cpp:34 go:geom->penetrationDepth=0.00155115; de1->se3.position=-14.8839 8.48539 26.8419; de2->se3.position=-17.682 -6.95829 26.8667;

And the messages are so fast that it slows down calculation very fast.


The same problem as above also there are extra messages:

../yade:70: DeprecationWarning: dynamic=True is deprecated, use fixed=False instead
  print 'WARNING: compiled without OpenMP, -j/--threads/--cores have no effect.'
  else: os.environ['OMP_NUM_THREADS']='1'


The sphere does not collide with the box, it goes through.


Drawing shapes is a bit slow, so it's hard to tell if it runs
correctly. I disabled drawing of shapes, enabled intrAllWire. Ran
simulation a bit and it seemed to work.
Then I clicked to enable drawing shapes and I got SIGSEGV/SIGABRT handler called; gdb

Also I see that your merge request has some lines like "not used" which is confirmed by similar compiler warnings like this one:

BlockGen.cpp:326:22: warning: unused variable ‘linecount’ [-Wunused-variable] BlockGen.cpp:2670:48: warning: unused variable ‘zlocalA’ [-Wunused-variable]

best regards

Chia Weng Boon said:     (by the date of Mon, 21 Jan 2019 13:02:58 +0800)

> Hi all,
> In my DPhil thesis submitted in 2013, I previously developed algorithms for
> (i) block generation and contact detection between polyhedral blocks (I
> have named it as Potential Blocks in YADE), and also (ii) contact detection
> between general non-spherical particles (Potential Particles).
> http://www2.eng.ox.ac.uk/civil/publications/theses/boon
> It is now being updated with Coin-OR's clp library (2015) and I've added it
> into the config file in YADE (2016-2017).  I've written a brief
> introduction as to how to enable this feature in YADE (attached), so that > it can be incorporated into YADE's Documentation (maybe 3rd edition?).  I > am working in the industry currently, and can only spend time on a casual
> basis as a hobby (once in a few months).
> The algorithms for block generation and contact detection are already being
> used by other research groups.
> https://github.com/cb-geo/spark-rocks
> https://www.ce.berkeley.edu/news/2044
> https://www.cb-geo.com/team/
> Btw, recently I submitted a pull request, to update the description of some
> variables.
> Yours,
> CWBoon
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