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Re: gitlab work cycle


I was hoping to salvage our dead wiki with command:

wget --convert-links -r -l 5 https://yade-dem.org/wiki/

because sometimes wiki was working, and then wget would work and
download everything.

But now it is 404. Unless you can tell me the previous IP number of
that address in which case this command still should work, under
condition that wiki is working. Recently it was working for a few
days, then stopped again.

Then we could put the salvaged contents back into
And put it under https://yade-dem.org/wiki/

> A little change is that you will see "gitlab.io" appearing in the adress 

Hm, currently when I go to address yade-dem.org it is not appended
with gitlab.io, if that's what you mean.

Bruno Chareyre said:     (by the date of Fri, 1 Feb 2019 12:02:50 +0100)

> Done.
> /yade-dem.org/doc// now goes to the gitlab output.
> A little change is that you will see "gitlab.io" appearing in the adress 
> bar of your browser, but old bookmarks should still work as usual (else 
> let me know). This substitution in the url is somehow transitory, but it 
> may still remain in that state for a while (until we migrate also 
> /yade-dem.org/doc/publi/ and///yade-dem.org/doc/packages/, for the 
> moment they are still on 3SR server).

Janek Kozicki

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