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Re: gitlab work cycle


On 2/1/19 12:32 PM, Janek Kozicki wrote:
I was hoping to salvage our dead wiki with command:

wget --convert-links -r -l 5 https://yade-dem.org/wiki/

because sometimes wiki was working, and then wget would work and
download everything.

But now it is 404.
Try now, it should be ok (I can at least browse it).
For a period this morning Rémi made a complete redirection of yade-dem.org domain to gitlab.io, and then yade-dem.org/wiki, yade-dem.org/publi, and yade-dem.org/packages became unavailable.

A little change is that you will see "gitlab.io" appearing in the adress
Hm, currently when I go to address yade-dem.org it is not appended
with gitlab.io, if that's what you mean.
https://yade-dem.org/publi/ remains as is.
However https://yade-dem.org/doc/ or simply https://yade-dem.org go to gitlab.io