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Re: Call for testing, updated yadedaily packages


Bruno Chareyre said:     (by the date of Mon, 15 Jul 2019 18:26:07 +0200)

> > in practice any computer can have a gitlab-runner installed. You could
> Fair point.

> > The "only" problem is that this solution requires that you have a trusted
> > PC that runs almost all the time.
> >  
> What about using yade-runner for this (it would make sense to have both the
> credentials and the repository in Grenoble)?

This can be yade-runner, or the server that hosts yade-dem.org.
Anything you decide is safe and secure enough. And perhaps giving
Anton access would solve all the problems. Anton would just send you an
id_rsa_yade.pub for ssh, and you are all set! :)

Unfortunately I cannot provide a secure server here at Gdańsk. At
least at the moment. I can provide compute resources for compiling
though :)