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Re: call for code


So as long as we stay in contact it's OK.

OK. I will be in the lab up to the end of july.

About shared_ptr<> speed - I have written long ago:


that boost 1.33 is 30% faster because shared_ptr<> was improved a lot.
I was wondering why you didn't upgrade :)

I'm really curious what will be your conclusions from kcachegring after
doing that upgrade.

You are right, I must run the tests with boost 1.33.
If Yade runs 30% faster with boost 1.33, it means that the speed-up in traversing the bodies/interactions is even more, 70-80%!!!
I will give you the result of future tests.

Btw : Yes, I am still on Sarge, thank you for your advices on installing the backported boost 1.33.


Chareyre Bruno
Maître de conférence

Institut National Polytechnique de Grenoble
Laboratoire 3S (Soils Solids Structures) - bureau I08
BP 53 - 38041, Grenoble cedex 9 - France Tél :

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