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Re: Installing yade on kubuntu.


> It is because there are TWO different packages (written by different
> authors) that have the same name. Consequently libqglviewer upon adding
> to debian will be renamed to a different name: lib3dviewer. It's also
> explained on yade's website.

in fact the last installation step:

   sudo ln -s /usr/lib/lib3dviewer.so /usr/lib/libQGLViewer.so

is a *dirty* solution to above problem. The filename
'/usr/lib/libQGLViewer.so' is already used by that other package. So
there would be a conflict if you would install that another package.

I will fix that by adding another compilation flag, where the user will
be able to say whether he uses lib3dviewer (and yade should link against
'/usr/lib/lib3dviewer.so' or whether yade should link against

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