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Re: build errors: qglviewer.h


Andrew McCracken said:     (by the date of Sun, 20 Aug 2006 19:47:35 +1200)

> I checked the mailing lists, and saw the post regarding the release of
> version 2.0, which confused me alot.
> I would recommend that it be put in the build part of the manual
> http://yade.berlios.de/index.php?m=700:60

ok, I'll put it there, thanks!
> I didn't read the "new to linux" part because i've been using it for a year
> or two.
> How does such a name collision occur?

well, the qglviewer in debian was abadoned about three years ago, but
still wasn't removed from the distribution. The author of new qglviewer
did not find out that the name has already been used in the past. It's that simple.

If you start developing some new program better you check whether the
name is already used, or some weird things may happen :)

> QGLViewer installed it's library in /usr/lib/lib3dviewer.so.2 rather than
> .so as the manual states.

thanks for the note.
> Cheers for the help
> I should be on the home strait now

good :) feel free to ask any other questions. I noticed you on the IRC,
but I was sleeping at the time when you asked about this qglviewer problem.

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