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Re: DEM Simulation, SuSe 9.x installation


Allen Wilkinson said:     (by the date of Sat, 2 Sep 2006 07:26:00 -0400 (EDT))

(late reply because I have just returned from a week long conference)

> I would welcome a setup guide of a simulation example as well.

Those "big changes" that are currently planned include also a major
refactoring in simulation setup & generation. That's why those
instructions are still missing on the webpage. I had not written them yet
because I know that in few months this part of the program will be
totally different (and current instructions - if any - would become
obsolete), sorry about that...

> I have
> tried doing a triaxil DEM case but something was missing.

yes. Bruno has done triaxial, but it is still not in the relase, we
should have it in next few weeks.

> I don't know
> if all the selections in menus lead to useable setups. If some menu
> choices can not lead to a useable simulation, it may pay to keep a
> public list of what menu items are usable during this early development
> time.

A very interesting point, I'll keep that in mind on next update :)

> In the end I guess it is all a question of human time to do
> things.

heheh, thanks for your respect for the time spent ;)

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