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Re: ask for the formula of lattice-beam-model


It will be interesting to try compiling yade on windows, I tried before using 
Visual Studio 2005 Express with QT, boost, qglviewer and passed the compile 
stage:), but did not go further since I have sth more important to do.
An alternative is to use Cygwin, I tried once, with no success:(

Feng Chen

>===== Original Message From Janek Kozicki <janek_listy@xxxxx> =====
>liujun said:     (by the date of Sat, 14 Oct 2006 16:37:52 +0800)
>> you ,mentioned in your answer for my questions"If you want to see the
>> formulas I use to calculate lattice beam, just let me know, and I can
>> send you them." Yes, I want to receive it.
>ok, I'll send it to you in few days. In fact it is still incomplete
>because it is my PhD. In 3d I have rods, in 2D I have beams. Currently
>I'm thinking aout formulas for beams in 3d. So I will send you what I have.
>You said you waork with dynamic impacts, and I told you that my model is
>not good for that. It has no collision and no dynamics...
>> Otherwise, I want to modify your lattice-beam model and DEM from running 
under Linux to Windows,
>> of course, I need your help. I will ask for many questions about it during 
>sure, no problem :) First try to install boost, qglviewer and QT on
>windows, and run some QT and qglviewer examples. You should compile
>everything using mingw compiler.
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