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Re: new 4hedra model help


Janek Kozicki said:     (by the date of Sun, 5 Nov 2006 03:18:27 +0100)

>   InteractingMyTetrahedron2InteractingSphere4InteractionOfMyTetrahedron
>   InteractingMyTetrahedron2InteractingBox4InteractionOfMyTetrahedron

With those file you can see that the idea of InteractingModel is to
able to modelize interaction betwee various different types of
bodies. Those tetrahedrons can interact with anything, for which you
are able to write relevant class similar to those two above. Even if
you later added a new GeometricalModel - an ellipsoid for instance -
it will be able to interact with tetrahedrons, provided that you
write this class.

Because in all later calculations of resultant force and momentum
rely only on the content of class InteractionGeometry generated by
those two classes from InteractingGeometry :) Oh, and a content of
InteractionPhysics, but generating that class is usually much simpler
- here I just calculate the average of young modulus from two
interacting objects.

Btw, if you, or anyone else, has a better name for InteractionGeometry
please tell. With Olivier we couldn't find a better name. But those
names are so similar - just the "ION" and "ING" in the middle :/

general name of that class:

    InteractingGeometry 2 InteractingGeometry 4 InteractionGeometry
            ing                   ing                   ion

# Janek Kozicki
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