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Re: Extremums of coordinates from the containers


Lionel Favier said:     (by the date of Mon, 27 Nov 2006 16:00:04 +0100)

> Hi Janek,
> About discrete element part of YADE, could you give me which code I have to write to obtain the extremum of the positions (for example, it could be also the velocities...) for the whole pack of elements.
> I thought about something like the following :
> 	MetaBody * ncb = dynamic_cast<MetaBody*>(body);
> 	min_element(ncb->bodies->begin(),ncb->bodies->end())

uh-oh. I'm afraid that you need to make a loop, then perform a static
cast on each element, then check the member variable (be it velocity
or position).

MetaInteractingGeometry2AABB.cpp checks for min/max bounding volume,
so you can look there. It is a bounding volume of whole scene.


Your loop will look similar.

# Janek Kozicki
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