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Re: Modification in Cundall damping - IMPORTANT


Janek Kozicki a écrit :

>Bruno Chareyre said:     (by the date of Mon, 27 Nov 2006 12:24:04 +0100)
>>I've had a look in the litterature and I've found both forms of damping 
>>depending on the authors.
>>I've even found some authors using the same form of damping as me... and 
>>considering it as the usual Cundall non-viscous damping...
>don't worry. We can make two different classes, One for each formula,
>and let the user choose which damping he wants to use.
>We could even add some other damping methods, so that the choice will
>be even bogger.
>So if you find the early papers of Cundall, then maybe you will have
>some idea on how to call the second class.
>We will just write in the yade manual, that there are several damping
>methods available, write formula for each of them, and let the user
>choose. I'm sure we will write this manual, when I will come to
>Grenoble in several months, right? :)
Yeah sure :).


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