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Re: how to erase a discrete element during a simulation ?



After adding several checks whether body.exists(id) or not. In
physical action, and some dispatchers I made yade to work without
crashing when body is deleted.

But there appears a serious problem with SAP collider (we have two
variants PersistendSAPCollider and SAPCollider). It is not crashing,
but it fails to detect interactions after some body is deleted. The
spheres simply fall through the plane, or do not interact with each
other. I have looked at it - to fix this problem requires making
serious changes in the collider, and testing that the collider still
works correctly. 

This requires more time than I can spend now. I should be writing my
thesis now. I'm very sorry about that. If anyone wants to write and
test a collision detection algorithm that will understand deleting of
bodies you are welcome to do that :) I have tried for too long this
morning. Any 'quick fix' can break the collision detection, it must
be tested.

So for now, you can only move bodies somewhere and set
isDynamic=false, so that they will not move.

When writing collider, Oliver was aware of this problem, and looks
like he wrote some code that attempts to take care of that. But
apparently this wasn't tested.

I'm already planning changes to containers. And the new version will
make this problem simpler, so better we wait when I defend my thesis.

# Janek Kozicki
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