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Re: Problems with libminiWm3.so


You probably changed paths of yade plugins while transferring your 
"session" (do you mean: home directory and all the rest?) - they are 
hardcoded at compile-time into the binaries (by default, yade is 
installed in /usr/local/). What you should do is download the source and 
everything else necessary (as we did last time) and recompile + reinstall.


> Good morning everybody. After having Yade running correctly on my 
> computer I had had problems with my Linux (Kubuntu, if this is useful) 
> which let the computer engineer of my lab to make a local copy (on my 
> PC) of my former session (and now I work on this local session). So 
> since this time Yade doesn't run anymore, here is the reason given by 
> the shell :
> jerome@c1solimara-l:~/YADE/bin$ ./yade-0.11.1
> /./yade-0.11.1: error while loading shared libraries: libminiWm3.so: 
> cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
> /
> Does anyone see what to do (please keep in mind that I'm more or less 
> very bad in Linux ;-) )
> Thanks a lot !
> Jerome Duriez
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