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Re: Successive slightly different simulations


> jerome@c1solimara-l:~/YADE/bin$ ./yade-trunk script.py
> Constructing ClassFactory  (if multiple times - check '-rdynamic' flag!).
> Constructing SerializableSingleton  (if multiple times - check
> '-rdynamic' flag!).
> INFO  core/Omega.cpp:33 Omega: Constructing Omega  (if multiple times
> - check '-rdynamic' flag!).
> INFO  core/yade.cpp:225 main: Loading configuration file:
> /home/jerome/.yade-trunk/preferences.xml
> INFO  core/yade.cpp:227 main: Loading plugins...
> *WARN  extra/Brefcom.hpp:175 BrefcomMakeContact:
> calibratedEpsFracture=0.000407227 < epsCrackOnset=0.0001, Gf=500,
> E=3e+10, expBending=4
> *
This is harmless (and doesn't appear now)... I am not sure whether, at
the ancient version you have, was python console already integrated with
the qt3 ui; make sure you compiled with python support (try running
"yade-trunk -N PythonUI", you should get to plain yade console). I would
strongly suggest upping your trunk, if you have all your code
(DirectShearCis?) in the tree, it will compile and should work just fine.

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