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Re: [deprecated list] [Fwd: Re: Problem installation svn 1523]


OMG, why are you sending 250kb log? (message limit is 40kb). Try the
same thing without distcc (CXX=g++, or even better CXX=g++-4.3). Distcc
runs g++ on different machines without checking they are at some
particular version. That version of g++ that happens to be called by g++
(the default one) will be used.
this is my bet also - the problem is because of distcc. You need to
talk with each person that has a computer which you are using with
distcc and compare your g++ versions.

simpler to not use distcc. But maybe Bruno has the same version as you?
I have 4.3.1, we might help each other here.
To make sure, always use distcc with explicit compiler version, like
CXX="distcc g++-4.3". That way you will get error if your mates don't
have that version.

Yes, you were right : without distcc I have no problem. But I tried with CXX='distcc g++-4.3' and I get indeed error messages because the others don't have the same version, but moreover the compilation stops... The solution was, with Janek, to change the settings of my distcc to call the good neighbours whose I can use their PC...
I should be now next to have the opportunity to use python... Thanks