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Re: Compilation of SVN using scons always re-compiles everything


>This file should contain the string:
>         version='something_to_add'

Hi, Anton Gladky:

Thanks, it is working now, I am wondering where is this information saved in the configuration file? Although it is not re-compiling, but I saw the scons.current-profile is empty and the scons.profile-default does not contain the version information? i.e. How does the scons know it is a new build or not? Thanks!


PREFIX = '/home/fchen/YADE1940'
optimize = True
exclude = 'none'
features = 'log4cxx,openGL,python'
QTDIR = ['/usr/share/qt3', '/usr/lib/qt', '/usr/lib/qt3', '/usr/qt/3', '/usr/lib/qt-3.3']

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