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Re: Compilation of SVN using scons always re-compiles everything


2009/8/14 Chen, Feng <fchen3@xxxxxxx>

>  >scons.profile-default
> >This file should contain the string:
> >         version='something_to_add'
> Hi, Anton Gladky:
> Thanks, it is working now, I am wondering where is this information saved
> in the configuration file?

>  Although it is not re-compiling, but I saw the scons.current-profile is
> empty and the scons.profile-default does not contain the version
> information? i.e. How does the scons know it is a new build or not?
As I understand, if you do not insert the "version" option to your scons
command line, scons uses SVNXXXX parameter for version. That is why,
updating your svn repository you get another "version" that is why it
recompiles wholly.

If you insert version at least for 1 time, it will allways recompile only
changed modules (actually, sometimes it takes a lot of time, when core is

> Thanks!
> scons.profile-default:
> PREFIX = '/home/fchen/YADE1940'
> optimize = True
> exclude = 'none'
> features = 'log4cxx,openGL,python'
> QTDIR = ['/usr/share/qt3', '/usr/lib/qt', '/usr/lib/qt3', '/usr/qt/3',
> '/usr/lib/qt-3.3']

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