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Re: YADE on cluster, X11 forwarding and problem about old svn backup


> Problem solved using boost 1.39 instead of 1.35, although not very
> sure what caused the difference, at least a solution.

OK, that doesn't sound like the right solution for me, though, since
boost 1.35 should normally work. If you have a moment, could you please
try in gui/qt3/GLViewer.cpp:48 change BOOST_VERSION<103500 to
> PS: I am wondering how to manage the display of the particles if
> NSphere >= 1e+6 ? Using the X11 forwarding is very slow unless copy
> the particle data out and display it using other visualization
> software, e.g. for static pics, use FeatPost, when we want to use the
> screenshot in papers.

I don't think we can do something about that, except drawing just wire
of the particles. Even very fast GPUs will struggle with that these

Cheers, Vaclav

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