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Re: Starting a new project on rock slope stability


And also I would recommend you to start coding it from copy-paste.
Then change your code step by step.

Maybe it is not a perfect way, but works good.

This is a4 very helpful thing

Anton Gladkyy

2009/10/9 Václav Šmilauer <eudoxos@xxxxxxxx>

>  True! A newcomer would be quite disappointed to know what he really needs
>> for his purpose among all the variables. But, anyway, I did not run away
>> from YADE and I have tried to follow your advices concerning the "new way of
>> thinking" Constitutive Laws in Yade (thank you Yade-Wiki). I spent some
>> times on the RockPM and ConcretePM and I think I get the idea.
>> However, I am still used to the "old fashionned way" of thinking with
>> preprocessor etc (actually, I try to get involved in YADE-Python programming
>> ;-) ), and I do not really get the connexion with all the other engines. So,
>> it would be somehow very helpful if one of you could provide some more
>> informations on how to use these new laws (maybe with a typical functional
>> xml file or even a python script). For instance, I'm gonna try to customize
>> the interaction physics or/and interaction geometry to include some
>> additional informations like, for example, the possible belonging of a
>> particle to a fault and the corresponding plane orientation.
> See e.g. scripts/facet-sphere.py, that's elastic/friction law (think
> ElasticContactLaw). Then see examples/concrete/uniax.py -- skip the stuff
> around, just look at the engines: there is different functor for
> InteractionPhysics than for facet-sphere.py: Ip2_CpmMat_CpmMat_CpmPhys,
> rather than SimpleElasticRelationships (which should be called something
> like Ip2_BodyMacro_BodyMacro_ElasticContact); and there is of course also
> different constitutive law (the last functor within InteractionDispatchers).
> In the uniax.py case, Body::physicalParameters class that is used is
> different (CpmMat, meaning Concrete Particle Model MATerial), which has some
> extra state variables.
> In your case, read the comment at the beginning of
> pkg/dem/meta/ConcretePM.hpp carefully, there is all you will need; you will
> need:
> (i) new PhysicalParameters class e.g LucMat (like BodyMacroParameters,
> CpmMat, RpmMat etc), containing as you said e.g. that the particle belongs
> to some fault
> (ii) new functor that will derive InteractionPhysics from the new material
> class, e.g. Ip2_LucMat_LucMat_LucPhys
> (iii) this new InteractionPhysics class LucPhys (iv) new constitutive law
> taking Dem3DofGeom (InteractionGeometry) and
> (iv) your new LucPhys class, Law2_Dem3Dof_LucPhys_[something]
> Cheers, Vaclav
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