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Re: How do I create a tunnel/slope?


Dne 28.10.2009 15:03, Bruno Chareyre napsal(a):
> Hi,
>   does exactly that, except
> One important rule : you cannot remove particles in a simulation.
> For creating a complex geometry, one workaround is this :
> A- first generate a packing (using e.g. the triaxial routines) , then
> save the simulation
> B- reload the simulation, using a python script or a different
> preprocessor, and filter bodies based on coordinates, so that only
> bodies in/out of a circular arc will be actually loaded and kept into
> the new problem.
> Note that there should be far more elegant ways to do that with python.

pack.randomDensePack does that, except that it is far more flexible
since you can specify the shape using GTS surface (arbitrary) or a few
geometrical primitives; that is used in scripts/examples/gts-horse.py
(the horse is imported from external file and packed regularly; you
could use pack.randomDensePack instead of pack.regularHexa as well) or
in examples/concrete/uniax.py (hyperboloid).


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